My 1st Thread!!!

  1. Hellooo!!! Just making my mark... with my 1st thread on 1 of my fav websites
    I've visited All Nurses in the past as a reference for nursing school & 2 help me start my OR career. Reading the different threads/comments has definitely been helpful for me, but I've Neva felt like I had anything relevant enuff 2 post... but times they are a-change'!!!
    I'm DONE with nursing school, I'm DONE with my OR internship & I'm DONE with job hunting I'm starting my new OR job this month & I'm more than super excited... Life as I know it is going 2 change forever, so thought it'd B fun 2 not only document my experiences, but mayB take advantage of the opportunity to get some advice/opinions/free therapy or just some attention & good convo as I journey thru the OR.

    I figure- even if I'm not the most knowledgeable (seasoned) OR nurse, maybe my might B worth something 2 someone... or who knows mayB my journal entries will inspire someone else 2 become an OR nurse.
    We'll C... stayed 4 what goes down! Ru-B
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