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    I have an interview for the OR, anything is should study or what I could prepare for?
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  3. by   melosa08
    Research the hospital, especially areas about surgical services. Read up on anything related to awards/distinction they received and new technologies used in the OR. Then you have those standard interview questions they ask everybody. The twist is you may have a second interview after your initial in front of a panel of 5-7 people of individual OR managers over the different specialties. Don't let that overwhelmed you! Stay calm, be focus, and explain to them why you feel the OR is where you want to be Finally, you may be asked to comeback to shadow for a few hours to see if this is what you truly want. They want you to be sure because orientation is between 6-9 months and it is $$$$$$ to orientate someone only to have them leave.

    If you do get hired, there is a lot to learn, but it will be okay. Just take it one day at a time, review your notes, and ask for help!