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    I will be graduating nursing school with my associates in May with the ultimate goal of specializing in the OR. I am doing my preceptorship on the surgical floor. I would really like some advice on the path I should take to get into the OR. I know a lot of hospitals will hire new grads into the OR but the particular hospital I hope to work at does not. Thanks for the help

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    Well you can try to find place that offer OR class in your area. Here is the link:
    Online Directory

    Or online class information:
    Periop 101 : Association of periOperative Registered Nurses

    It will look good on your resume. I am taking OR class right now. New grad. Pay with my own money
    Some of my class mates are there because the hospital pay them.

    Or if you can find any job that put you in OR that would be nice. Hope this help.

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