File this under things that you'll (usually) only hear in the OR

  1. "Show me the rectum"

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  3. by   NP Sam
    Heard MANY Things.. Will add as I go along...

    -"Which hole do I put it in?" We all then reply with "that's what HE said!"

    - "Will you please grab his balls? I know you have been waiting all day to do that."
    -(While putting in Foley) You gotta grab that thing like you mean it!"

    More to come.
  4. by   ChocoholicNurse
    While taking pt. to CVICI after surgery, I was at the front of the bed while the paramedic was at the back and I said "are you pushing back there?" we'll of course the Anesthesiologist and he were cracking up....
  5. by   Madwatersrn
    'lube it like it's your own' - anything involving ky jelly