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  1. 0 We are a free-standing surgery center and our supplies for emergencies outdate quite often (thank goodness!). I recently saw a flyer in a magazine having just the bare necesseties on the Malignant Hyperthermia cart but then pull in the Crash Cart for other emergency supplies rather than having duplicate supplies on the cart. Is anyone else doing this in their OR department?

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    We do this in our OR. Our MH cart has emergency items specific to MH like your Dantrolene and syringes to reconstitute it, however some of the other drugs on the MH cart might overlap with the crash cart. I'm not completely sure. However we would have to bring in the crash cart anyway because our defib is on it.
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    We have 2 carts---mh and code/rash cart. Code cart has the defib unit.
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    do you have overlapping supplies on both carts. In otherwise, is your MH cart stocked with all other emergencye drugs that you would also have on your crash cart?
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    Most of the major acls meds, of course sterile water and dantrolene, and other suppliesfor lab, changing the circuit, etc

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