Doing a shadow!

  1. Well I contacted the provincial LPN body and received an email back from the director. I gave her a call and we talked. I asked her some questions about the career itself and as to where I could get some help in getting more information.

    She was a great lady to talk to. She gave my information to a few people she knew and put a memo. Whithin hours I received an email from an LPN who works near where I live. We exchanged a few emails and I eventually gave him a call.
    He arranged a job shadow and will heading out for a full shift with him on the 22nd! I am so excited. No better way to get a feel for things than to see him and other LPNs at work. Thanks again for those of you who have been of great help in getting things started.
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Cool. Don't forget to eat a good breakfast that morning!
  4. by   Comanche_1
    Very good idea Marie, I never eat in the morning.