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  1. 0 Currently I am an OR Circulator. I have applied at a different hospital as a CVOR Circulator and have been given the opportunity to job shadow tomorrow morning! I want to know as much as I can about what the circulator will be doing to make a good impression, better know what is happening, and to start learning a job I will possibly be offered. As far as sterile technique, counting, time out, and other similarities between OR I feel I will be okay. I am looking to learn the medications, drips, and cvor related supplies I will need to be familiar with. Any advice is greatly appreciated!!
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    off topic --- please dont use your real pic on here
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    I apologize. Which topic would this better fit into?
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    Quote from SchmidtRN
    I apologize. Which topic would this better fit into?
    I think they meant off topic to your thread not wrong forum

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