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    I am preparing for CNOR and mainly using standards and Berry&Kohns.Do I need to go through all surgical procedures in Berry &Kohn's section Twelve?Its Just too much,exam is only 3 weeks away

    Please help

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    I read Alexander's care of the patient in surgery and passed. It's a massive book and clearly you can't read every word of it, but yes, you do need to gloss over every chapter and familiarise yourself with the basics. Learn patient positions, accompanying potential skin and nerve damage, commonly used OR drugs (there's a lot of overlap between subspecialities) what to do in an emergency, appropriate responses to anxious patients, instrumentation and infection control. You need to learn to 'skim' read so that you are flicking through the chapter without reading every single sentence, but retaining the core elements. Also, there's a cnor test question book you can download onto your kindle, it's dirt cheap and the questions are similar to the real ones. It is do-able. Good luck
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    wish me luck,exam is only 3 and half hours away
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    Did you pass?
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    no.I got 592.
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    I missed it the first tim by 3 points. Don't give up. I spluged and took a CNOR Review Course. It was worth the $$. I'm now putting together a course for my department.
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