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Charting of electrical equipment used

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    Hi, I am wondering how other nurses chart or record the electrical equipment used during surgery (cautery, suction, scope light boxes, scd machines, patient warming devices, etc...). What are the different hospitals' policies, is each piece of equipment assigned an individual number, etc...this has come up in the hospital where I work and I was wondering what the community standard, or the standard of care is. I am filtering through AORN site and have not found specifics yet. Thanks!
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    All of our equipment has to be checked in by clinical engineering and when it is, they assign it a serial number. That is the number our nurses use when they chart equipment like bovie and tourniquet.
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    We track items such as bovie, suction unit, tourniquet, and endoscopic vein generator. They are identified by a 2-digit number that is connected to the serial number (the serial number is what shows up in documentation- the 2-digit number is a shortcut to find it). We also document if there were issues with the equipment. Each piece of equipment is checked and labeled by biomed before it is permitted in the OR.