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    I ve always had an interest in working in the OR, however I feel like it s hard to break into bc of my lack of or experience in the specialty... all job listings require experience -- my question is how does one get into the OR with out it? obviously places must hire new people. does anyone know of special programs for RNs trying to cross over? I have 1.5 years in an ER

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    Look for hospitals that offer internships. A decent orientation for someone without OR experience is quite long, mine was 9 months (6 with a preceptor, 3 on my own but with an experience nurse assigned as backup for 2-3 newbies). The reason most places are looking for experience is because those folks can be oriented in a lot less time. They know how to do things, they just need to know the specifics for that facility. You can look into places that offer the AORN PeriOp101 course, maybe a community college in your area. This may give you an edge over other applicants with no experience, but it can be expensive.