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Any OR nurses in the Bay Area

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    I wanted to know if RNs are required to scrub and circulate at your hospital facility, or were the scrub techs required to scrub the majority of the cases and RNs were just required to scrub in emergency/staff shortage scenarios only.
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    I work in the South Bay in the OR and I circulate only. There are a few nurses who scrub and circulate, but we have a good amount of srub techs for the position.
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    Does everyone get train to scrub or like you say, there is enough where they just hire Rns only to circulate? Do they use Surgical Pa,NP, or Rnfa?
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    I work at an academic hospital, so we have residents scrubbed in 90-95%, once in a blue moon a PA or RNFA. Our staff is about 80% RN, 20% scrub techs. RNs learn both roles during orientation.