a career in OR Nurse ...advice please

  1. i am a new nursing student and have heard of OR nurses of first assistant nurses in the OR. my question is how do I get there. I've read to look for a periop program. where can i find these programs. i live in the Chicago area.....advice please. any and all!!
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    Nurses, including new grads, can work in the OR. Typically, these nurses are circulators, or the nurse responsible primarily for non-sterile parts of the procedure, such as positioning and documentation; they are also responsible for sterile procedures such as foley catheter insertion and prepping the surgical area. Circulators do not scrub in and assist the surgeon. Some facilities will teach nurses to scrub, but they are either handling instruments or functioning as a second assistant if more hands are needed.

    An RNFA (registered nurse first assistant) requires additional training. Most programs, if not all, require OR experience. RNFAs are allowed to do more than a scrub nurse, such as suture.

    Periop programs will not teach you how to be an RNFA, they will teach you how to circulate and maybe scrub. Try a web search for RNFA programs.