UOP RN to BSN with BS already

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    Am in need of some advice. Been considering UOPs RN to BSN. I already have a BS in Nutrition. UOP is telling me that they've taken my ADN transfer credits but that I need 6 credits worth of humanities courses and 6 credits of upper division non nursing courses. Therefore, liberal arts courses. I graduated with my BS with over 130 credits and have PLENTY of the above courses. The only thing is they take max up to 73 lower division credits and won't take anymore of my credits which is why I appear "short" on the list. But when indeed, I do have the required courses and feel its a waste of money and time [extends program time!] to have to retake these courses. Thats 12 credits. Has anyone had similar issues? And how did you resolve?
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  3. by   Ginger's Mom
    Ask about the MSN bridge program instead, i had to take 9 undergrad courses then moved to the MSN courses.