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  1. 0 Hello All!!!!!
    I will be applying here for spring 2015 I know it is a while away but I am so worried already about getting in because I got a B in Chemistry. i know that sounds a bit pathetic but I want to be sure that i will get in and i don't' know if i will with that. So any advice or thoughts of encouragement would be extremely helpful and appreciated. i would also love to hear ya'lls success stories and concerns about getting into the school.
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    Hello I'm Timara I will be applying for Fall 2015 , I'm concerned about the whole process it did pretty good in my science course but haven't taken chem yet. I think as long as you have a 3.0 in all the science pre requisites combined you will be fine. Btw Do you know how many ppl the except per semester???!
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    HI.. my name is sanny. I am going to be applying for spring 2015 as well. How is everyone preparing for Hesi???
    I am so nervous...good luck to everyone