UMass Amherst Rn to BSN online program

  1. 0 Anyone have info on this program ? I was accepted for summer 2013 , wondering what course load is like.

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    The course load is do-able. Lots of paper writing for the ethics in writing course, but the others are not too bad. I worked full time while in the program, and it did cut into personal time but was not unbearable. It helped me to map out the whole semester ahead of time, due dates etc.. and thoroughly explore the syllabus and grading rubrics for each class at the beginning of each semester.
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    Thanks , Im writing for one of the many assignments in "Ethics" as we speak.
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    I am thinking of applying for the fall. What courses are required to complete BSN? I already have micro, Organic Chem, bunch of electives like Americ Lit, US History. Think I need Statistics.

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