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    Hello all. I'm interested in finding an RN to MSN online only program that specializes in CNS. I would prefer the program to have a BSN along the way incase something happens. I work in a critical care icu currently and would like it as a critical care specialty. I can't seem to find a program! Is the rn to msn a seperate thing and then you get the cns specialty? Or how does this work? Looking for information, programs and help. Can I get my rn to msn in a basic thing then specialize? So manymanyore programs if that's so. Thanks!

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    Grand Canyon University has a RN-CNS program. You could also do their RN-BSN then do the CNS. Last I looked it was 500 hours of practicum.

    This link is to the bridge, however I know you can do it in chunks as well.

    Bridge to Master of Science in Nursing: Adult Clinical Nurse Specialist | Grand Canyon University

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