Pre Requisites HELP!!!!!!

  1. I would like to start nursing year 2014. My admission advisor told me I can do all my pre- reqs and start in 2014. (I thought it was a two year degree). If anyone knows where or how I can do all 7 pre-reqs in one year in the state of GA. Please let me know!!
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  3. by   RNstewdent
    What pre-reqs do you have to take?

    I took all 5 of my pre-reqs in 2 semesters...if you have 3 semesters you should be able to do it.

    Summer semester I took College Algebra (online), A&PI and Intro to Psyc (online)
    Fall semester I took A&P II and Micro

    I also worked full-time while doing my pre-reqs so it is definitely possible =)
  4. by   Raynbow1
    I have to take

    General Chemistry
    General Chem (with an organic compound)
    Introductory Statistics
    A&P I and II including lab
    Life Span Development

    Can you do the lab portion through an online course? How does that work? Also, what college did you do your pre-reqs?

    Thank you x