Oregon Health and Science University-how is it?

  1. OHSU is the only med school nearest to my place so I'm just wondering how are the classes there, especially for OBGYN and CRNA. Did they require your AP and IB scores? I checked their website and it said that they need to see AP and IB credit scores. I don't have them because I'm not originally from US and I moved here only a year ago, took GED, then went to college instead of going through highschool. Also, could you guys refer me a good school for CRNA and/or OBGYN? Thank you!
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  3. by   HouTx
    I think you need to learn more about nursing education in the US. CRNA is an advanced practice nursing credential - MSN. Advanced practice nurses involved in maternity services could be either nurse midwives or nurse practitioners - both require MSN. "OBGYN" is a designation used by physicians, not nurses.

    OHSU is a highly regarded organization. Admission to their nursing school is extremely competitive. Suggest you discuss this with an admission counselor.