MUSC ABSN Fall 2014

  1. Hey guys!

    I have applied for MUSC ABSN program for Fall 2014! I am so nervous the suspense is killing me! I really I hope I get into this program!

    Has anyone heard any news? I know the website says we find out 4 weeks after the deadline, and it has officially been 4 weeks.

    The waiting is so hard, I just want to know
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  3. by   mkmcmanus
    The website needs to be updated, it says 4 weeks but they typically take 8.
    We should be hearing back mid to late March! I'm playing the waiting game too, its so nerve-wrecking!
    Good luck!
  4. by   Studentnursebound
    I am waiting as we'll! Prayerfully we will hear soon. I am so anxious and nervous too, I so desire to get in the program. It's my dream to become a nurse.
    Best of luck to all!!
  5. by   knb3312
    There is another thread called "MUSC BSN FALL 2014" that has been running for awhile and has a lot of info about decisions being made this week! See you over there