Looking for info on Azusa Pacific University (main campus) LVN-BSN program

  1. 0 Hi everyone! I am enrolled and waiting to start the Health Sciences Certificate at APOU on September 1. This is a prereq for APU's LVN-BSN program which I hope to follow the HSC with. I'm looking for feedback on the actual program from current or former students! I want to know your experience! People who can speak to commuting (I live in Menifee), juggling home/school/work lives, finances throughout the program, what you liked/didn't, what your schedules typically were, difficulty of theory, clinical sites, etc. All of it! Thank you!
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    I am applying to the bridge program for January.
    Can you tell me what the application process was like? And how easy/difficult it was? The competitiveness?
    What were your grades, etc going in?

    Sorry this didn't answer your original question.

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