Job + Polk State nursing fall 2017

  1. Hey guys I wanted to start this thread because I am planning on starting the nursing program at Polk state in January 2018 and was wondering how you guys that may or may not already be in the program are managing your jobs? I understand that while in the program you are recommended to work a day or not work at all and I am pretty sure for most of us that is not really practical. If any of us could give me advice on what your personal experience has been or what you plan on doing I would appreciate it
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  3. by   FlNurse248
    Polk State College spring 2018 Nursing school

    Post your comment in that thread (: I am planning on applying to start Jan 2018 as well. If I get accepted I will not be working. I have heard others say that substitute teaching is something they did while in nursing school because it allows you to pick which days you want to work.