Jefferson Davis Community College-Brewton, AL RN Program Jefferson Davis Community College-Brewton, AL RN Program | allnurses

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Jefferson Davis Community College-Brewton, AL RN Program

  1. 0 Hi, new to this group. Please share your experiences with Jefferson Davis CC in Brewton, AL's RN program. I am looking for input about the program-does it prepare you, what is the class schedule like, those of you that worked, how was that (manageable?), and were you able to get a good nursing job after graduating? I live in Pensacola and am also considering PSC but the wait is longer. Thanks!
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    It seems as if you and I are in the same boat. I actually just took my TEAS today and scored and 80. I believe JD will work out better for me because I just don't feel like being on a waiting list for a year. So, far everyone I have talked to at JD have been great.I just hope I have enough points to get into their program this coming January. Let me know if I could be of any help.
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    I just got my letter! Will be going to Jefferson Davis in the spring. I'm also from Pensacola. Anyone up for carpooling?
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    How is your experience at jdcc??