Has anyone been accepted/rejected into SDSU school or nursing yet?

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    Hi!! So I am applying for spring 2014 admission and I'm nervousss! I want to know for those who have been rejected or accepted into the SDSU school of nursing, what was your points/GPA/TEAS score/etc... so I have something to compare my current progress with to see if I have a change of getting in at all....

    Thanks so much you guys! I know a lot of people want to know out there!

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    Hi there. Are you transferring from a community college?
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    Hello cbui93,

    I received an acceptance email from SDSU last night, July 11, 2013, at 8pm. I had 65 points by my calculation: Prereq GPA- 26 points, Overall GPA- 26 points, TEAS- 13 points (no volunteer or work experience points). Good luck if you are still waiting for the email!

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