galen vs. rasmussen

  1. Hello everyone this is my first time posting so here goes...
    I have recently been accepted to both Rasmussen and Galen and I need to figure out which one I willbe attending thia week. I have heard good and bad on both and also have my own pros and cons for both. I guess my question is how much does the school really weigh on your job placement? They have both recently been accredited, but please any advice will help. Thank you all so much.
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  3. by   jamilasauda
    I have the same question. I am looking at both schools, and I will start one of them July 2015. Which school did you choose and why?
  4. by   Jesss349
    Did you choose one? I'm looking to start I'm july too
  5. by   christina4316
    Hey did you guys choose a program yet?
  6. by   Jesss349
    Rasmussen pass rate and retention rate is way higher than galen. The only thing I like about galen us if you take the lpn with them you don't have to test again to get in bridge