Gadsden State Fall 2018 - page 3

Hi! Is anyone here applying for the nursing program at GSCC for the fall?... Read More

  1. by   djj2018
    Congrats! Im so anxious now! Ugh!!
  2. by   djj2018
    i was accepted for the Summer program. Yaay!
  3. by   cdb11190
    Congrats! How many points did you Have? Do you live in bama also?
  4. by   djj2018
    i think i had 40. and no i live in georgia but close to the alabama line
  5. by   cdb11190
    I got in the night program at cherokee
  6. by   brooklyn4354
    I got into Cherokee days, this summer
  7. by   cdb11190
    Anyone else get in?
  8. by   Lorijessica
    I got into Cherokee nights this fall. I live in Gadsden so it'll be a change going to that campus. I'm excited though.
  9. by   Lyn510
    Has everyone gotten letters? I live in Georgia and haven't received anything yet. I'm worried I didn't get accepted. I know it was said letters were mailed out on 3/21. I should have gotten something by now.