Gadsden State Fall 2018 - page 2

Hi! Is anyone here applying for the nursing program at GSCC for the fall?... Read More

  1. by   LPNTO2RN
    Any updates on when we may hear for them? Has anyone transcript been pulled?
  2. by   djj2018
    Pam Mayo's vm says letters were mailed yesterday, 3/21/18
  3. by   ealangley
    Did y'all apply for nights or days?
  4. by   southernsun
    Fall Day 1st choice, Night 2nd choice
  5. by   Kdubanevich
    How many points did you apply with?
  6. by   ealangley
    I got in for nights
  7. by   cdb11190
    How many points did you have? I choose any.
  8. by   ealangley
    I applied for all and got into nights. I think 32 points maybe?
  9. by   brooklyn4354
    Have you already received your letter ?
  10. by   southernsun
  11. by   cdb11190
    Elangley where do you live? In Alabama? You got yours quick I'm nervous!
  12. by   Kdubanevich
    How many points did you have?
  13. by   ealangley
    Pell City. And yes I got it yesterday. I want to say 32 points.