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Dropped from Kaplan nursing program

  1. 0 Hi all, I wanted to know if you are dropped from one nursing program, is it possible to apply to the program at another campus? I want to finish the program. :-(. Specifically Kaplan ADN program.
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    It would depend on the reasons they dropped you.
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    If you were dropped for grades, it will probably be difficult if not impossible to find another program to get into. However, you can maybe start over applying to schools with your pre-requisites that it took to get into your program. Maybe try a traditional school. At least that way it will be a lot cheaper. Best wishes!
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    If you mean applying to the Kaplan program but at another location than the one you were dismissed from, I'd say probably not. You could ask the admissions office if it's possible.

    As for applying to other schools, the reason for being dropped will have a big influence as to whether another school will pick you up. Many schools will not accept a nursing student that failed out of another nursing program. If you were dismissed for academic dishonesty or other violation of school policy, the chances of getting into another school are even slimmer.

    That being said...it's not impossible to find another school to get into, but it's probably going to be very difficult.

    Best of luck.
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    thank you Meriwhen
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    Was it the kaplan program you had to stop? If you can't get into another rn program maybe you could do an lvn program. Some of your credits from the rn program might even transfer? Then you could do an lvn-rn. Just a thought. Good luck!