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cost of Kaplan RN-MSN

  1. 0 Any one know what the cost of RN-MSN program? the real cost, I have a feeling what they tell me may be off by a few thousand.
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    The Kaplan RN to MSN program is a two-tiered program that includes the BSN. Students entering this program are considered Bachelors degree students FIRST and then continue on to a shortened MSN. The tuition below is based on students entering the program and choosing a non-NP specialization.

    The tuition for the BSN portion of the RN to MSN program is currently $315.00 per credit hour which covers instructional materials, including textbooks. The MSN portion of the RN to MSN program is currently $295.00 per credit** and books are NOT included in the Masters level portion. Also, there is a technology fee of $200.00 per term, which covers access to the online library, internal student e-mail, additional resources (technical support, student services, academic advising, career services, and tutoring) and involves a communication system that allows our faculty and staff to work seamlessly across the country with our students. Total estimated tuition costs: $40,000 to $45,000.