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    Enjoy your weekend you guys and Happy Memorial Day to you all! I was told the end of this month or the beginning of June so as it approaches the more excited I get! We got this!
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    Quote from Meganrv
    Hello! I applied as well but I only have 98 points! That makes me extra nervous now!
    Nothing to worry about! You got this!
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    Quote from texansandnursing
    Nothing to worry about! You got this!
    Thanks!! I hope so!
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    1 week down everyone!
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    hey y'all,

    I am in the class that was accepted in Fall 2012. I received my acceptance letter 6 days after the end of the application period. There will be a list of immunizations you will need, titers, CPR certification, background check, and drug test registration and some of those are time consuming/ time sensitive. Make sure you do them EARLY, if you titer negative you'll have to get a booster vaccination, and titer again 6 weeks later. You'll get information about that with the acceptance letter.

    Good luck to everyone.
    I hope to see you all at orientation in August!
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    THANK YOU for the heads up!! IF chose an "top alternate/alternate" about how long does is take for you to hear anything? I am just antsy and trying to think of all the outcomes!
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    I completely understand. I hated not knowing and just "waiting". After the letter of intent due date is when they'll start calling alternates, usually 2 weeks or so, maybe a bit longer.

    Feel free to ask me any questions!
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    Thanks for taking out time and posting. We are all so nervous and I swear all I do is check the mail. Do you stay in texas city? If I get accepted I will be looking for an apartment either in Texas city, Dickinson, or Webster. Do you know of any good apartments that you would recommend that aren't super expensive? Also do we have to submit fingerprints with the background and how long did that process take? Do you remember how much the books were first semester and scrubs? And do you start clinical a first semester?

    ...sorry for so many questions
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    Brittosem, I live in Dickinson at Green Caye apartments and they are pretty reasonable and only an exit away from the College.
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    Ok thanks checking it out now.
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    I also lived in Hidden Lakes in webster for 2 years I loved it there.
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    I live in Dickinson (green caye). I love it here. The books from the bookstore for the first semester totaled 1800. I bought many used/older editions, I spent 600. The scrubs are about 40 dollars (Cherokee red scrubs) and the patch for the Scrubs are 8 dollars in the bookstore. I only bought one set so far ( 3 semesters in). You do go to clinical in the first semester but only in the second 8 weeks.

    No problem. I don't mind the questions, ask me anything.
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    No, you don't submit fingerprints until the last semester. The background check took like a week to get the results in. They will email you a copy.

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