1. 0 I am now taking my fourth class with UOP for my RN to BSN. I love it. Even after reading the student handbooks, which seem outdated, I am confussed about my future clinicals. I know I will have clinicals for 3 upcoming classes.

    I currently hold an active RN license in the state I live, which is Florida, plus an active RN license in Nevada. I am unemployed, by choice, and plan to find work in January 2013. I made no secret of my unemployment with UOP. At the time I signed up they said it was fine because I keep an active RN license. The handbooks also all say employment through the program is prefered, but not mandatory.

    Anyway, when I look at the student handbooks, it is worded like I need to be employed just for my clinical classes. However, when I ask administration, they tell me it is researched based clinicals. Can someone explain this to me? Has anyone taken these classes recently?
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