Broward College North Campus May 2013

  1. Hello everyone. My names Jason and I will be starting the Nursing program in May at Broward college on the North campus. I am starting this thread as a way for everyone starting the same program to have a network of support and a resource to help us all transition to this exciting time! Feel free to introduce yourselves and post any questions and concerns.
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  3. by   FL-RN-in-Training
    Hello Jason,

    This is a good idea the other thread is pretty full!
  4. by   FL-RN-in-Training
    I asked this in the previous thread but, I want to make sure....we just bring the required documents with us to the orientation May 7th, correct? I don't see anywhere that we need to turn them in before, but in the meeting they stressed it and other campuses must. Just want to make absolutely sure.