Bloomfield College Nursing 2018 - page 2

Hey all, PLEASE DONT JUST READ AND GIVE A RESPONSE IF YOU HAVE ONE !! Is their any pre- nursing student who plan on attending bloomfield college 2018 ? If so whats your gpa and teas score ? when do... Read More

  1. by   princessprincess
    @loressax3 when i spoke to someone they said they look at your science scores, gpa and teas and try to give everyone a fair shot.
  2. by   loressx3
    Yeah I heard the same. Hoping for the best for all of us. It's many people trying to get in!
  3. by   princessprincess
    @loressx3 do you commute or live on campus? also didd u take the chem and microbio class ?
  4. by   loressx3
    Camp. Yeah I took chem once before I transferred into BC but I got a c- so I'm retaking it this fall. Micro I took in the fall last semester
  5. by   loressx3
    What about You?
  6. by   princessprincess
    i commute. its 40 mins away from my house. i didnt take chem. i started micro but my professor sucks so i dropped it. i have my associate degree in science and i work in a hospital in the icu. so as far as medication, blood work and ekgs i know how to do and most of my co workers the nurse are professors at college so they help me
  7. by   loressx3
    Pretty dope. I have my associates in science as well. I got lucky the professor for micro I had isn't the one everyone is taken now. Lol she was sick the semester I came so had a sub.
  8. by   princessprincess
    we have 4 weeks left sis. my anxitey is sooo high.
  9. by   loressx3
    Super high girl. I'm tryna have faith tho