Any MSN nursing ed students? Any MSN nursing ed students? | allnurses

Any MSN nursing ed students?

  1. 0 Just got accepted to the MSN program!! Anyone in / graduated from this program? What's your thoughts on it? Can't wait to start.... Thanks in advance
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    I just saw this. Have you started your program yet? Inbox me, I am one year away from graduation, I can help you through and tell you what to expect. I have really enjoyed the journey so far, but it isn't easy by any stretch of the imagination.....
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    Just messaged you!!
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    I am looking into all the options to get my MSN in Nursing Ed. Its encouraging to hear that you have enjoyed the program. Have you found it difficult to get a preceptor? Does Phoenix help with that? Trying to decide between local and online, and that seems to be a sticking point with some of the online programs.