Accelerated Bachelors or Starting over with Associates

  1. I am a 41yr old career changer with a college degree. I am currently taking prerequisite courses to apply to accelerated bachelors of nursing programs for 2014. My issue is that I don't think my GPA will be high enough to qualify for some of the programs (3.5 gpa or higher). I don't do well with online classes and working fulltime.

    I am weighing starting all over and going for my associates in nursing first then going for the RN to BSN degree. I feel I have a better chance for success in the aa program with taking the courses in person and being more hands on. My goal is to obtain my masters degree.

    Has anyone faced the same types of challenges or decisions. Would love to hear your feedback and experiences.
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  3. by   anapap
    You will never know until you try. Depending on your area, Magnet hospitals are getting away from hiring ADNs. You can use to check the job listings in your area to give you an idea of what is out there. If you can't get it, then yeah, do the ADN and then you can go back and get your RN-BSN in need be.