Pre-employment cytology screening- What's involved?? Pre-employment cytology screening- What's involved?? | allnurses

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Pre-employment cytology screening- What's involved??

  1. 0 Hi, I've just been offered a job on an oncology floor and I'm super excited! I am going in for a pre-employment cytology screening soon. Does anyone know what's involved in this? Apparently its to make sure I'm healthy and can hang chemo. Is this just a CBC? LFTs? Lipid profile? Is it a urine cytology? I'll have to have all of the labs repeated every 2 years. I just want to know what to expect before I go in. Thanks!!!!
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    I have never heard of checking labs on oncology nurses to make sure they are "fit" to give chemo. The only labs I've ever had drawn that relate to being a nurse was a varicella titer. I gave chemo in the hospital and I give it now as a home care nurse and no one has ever inquired about my personal health because of it.
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    I know they drew a CBC in addition to titers when I started at my current facility. I don't think there were any other labs, just a PPD and physical.