Patient ratio while hanging chemo

  1. 0 Hi everyone, I was wondering what your patient ratio was for hanging chemo on an inpatient unit. I work on a med-surg Oncology unit, although most times it feels like detox unit. We are a 5:1 ratio on the floor pretty much at all times, which is awesome for overnight med-surg units). I was just wondering what the common ratio is and if having 4 other patients while hanging chemo sounds normal. Thank you!
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    We're at a 4:1 for onc patients only and 5:1 if we've got med-surgers and/or hem-oncers without chemo.
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    It all depends on our staffing...4-1 rarely happens so we usually hang chemo with a load of 5 or even 6 patients. It's stressful but very doable with the other nurses and I doing teamwork.

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