NICU vs outpatient onc

  1. Been a nurse for 2years. Currently a newborn Admission nurse and have been in the position for 1 year, next step feomhere would be for NICU. Have a passion for oncology though and go at a job at an outpatient clinic. My goal is to end up in pediatric oncology or adult oncology. Should I stay to get NICU experience which would hopefully help me get into ped oncology? Or should go to outpatient infusion center, plan to become an OCN, and then try to get into ped or adult oncology? So torn, NICU isn't my dream job but I'm young in my career and not sure if the opportunity could arise again. However I love oncology and I know that's what I want to do; thinknoutpatient clinic would be a good way to learn more about chemo and different cancers and then go into an inpatient fooor from there. Thanks for the help
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  3. by   Guy in Babyland
    If your passion is oncology, then pursue avenues to get experience in oncology. NICU would not be an ideal pathway to pediatric oncology.
  4. by   db2xs
    I agree with Guy in Babyland. If oncology is your jam, stick with oncology.