New Grad LVN... Hired to Surgical ONC

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    Hello all! A quick background about me... I recently graduated from LVN night school while working full time during the day as a medical assistant in an outpatient Vascular Cath Lab; with KICK Azz RN's! (Who strongly suggested i go to nursing school, and who gave me Great support) I have been a MA for 8yrs and NOW I am a recent LVN Licensed (3mths) and I have just accepted an offer for our local hospital system.
    :-D (Which BTW, Is my dream! I know I'm a nerd for wanting to be a hospital nurse) but anywhoo...

    I am looking for some advice from fellow LVN's. who work in Surgical ONC. I'm scared and excited, to get started. Is there any advice you can give me??
    Ps I plan to start my pre-reqs for LVN-RN Bridge @ my local community college, this fall when my kids start the new school year. :-D ((ROUND 2!!))
    Again, thanks for your help!! And I am so privileged to be a Nurse now, and read/learn from all of you awesome nurses around!

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    I am not a nurse yet, but just wanted to tell you CONGRATS!!!!!!
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    Thanks!!! It was hard work, but its paying off! 😊

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