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LPN and Oncology nursing

  1. 0 Quick question, just wanted to know if there is a certification for LPNs to take in order to administer chemo? Or do you HAVE to be a RN? Thanks to all who respond.
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    Pretty sure you need to be a RN. I'm currently an LVN very very very interested in oncology, and even if I'm IV certified, here in Cali I cannot administer IV meds. Meaning I wouldnt be able to administer any kind of chemo drug unless it was po.
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    You have to be an RN. I work for Texas Oncology and at an oncology floor at a hospital and neither of them hire LVN's because they all have to be chemo certified RNs.
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    Thank you!! I'm off to finish up my pre-reqs!!
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    In most places, you have to be an RN to hang chemo.
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    On our unit, only RN's; and even the RNs have to be chemo certified

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