Just got hired for my dream job!

  1. 0 well over 3 months after graduating from nursing school i can finally say i am a BMT/Medical Oncology nurse!!!!!!!!! it has been a long wait but well worth it for this amazing opportunity at my dream hospital! had to share my excitement!
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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Best wishes!!!
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    Fantastic!!! CONGRATS!!
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    Congrats . How will your hours be and when is your orientation!?
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    Thanks I'm so excited to be blessed with such an amazing job out of school. For awhile I wondered if I would ever get hired! I believe I will start orientation the 16th..I have already completed the drug test & background check and once the results are in they will set me up on orientation. I will be working night shift which I am also excited about..I've always preferred night shift!

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