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IV certificate/Chemo.certificate necessary?

  1. 0 Hi all,
    I have just graduated from a nursing school. I passed the NCLEX and got my BSN certification. I am interested in oncology. However, i don't have any hospital experience, except the school clinical hours. I want to know that:
    (1) Is it better for me to take the IV infusion or chemotherapy certificate before I apply for a hospital job, even I have my BSN?
    (2) Is there anything suggestions that I can prepare for to find a oncology nursing job in a hospital?
    Thanks for any responses.
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    I took a job on the heme-onc/BMT unit right after I graduated. At my hospital, they sent the new nurses to classes to become chemo certified, as well as BMT classes. I would assume most places do this, though I'm unsure.