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Interested in Oncology

  1. 0 I'm currently a senior in high school and I'm interested in oncology nursing. How many years precisely does it take to be an oncology nurse? About how much do they make a year?
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    I started working in an oncology hospital in the MICU right out of school after passing my boards, and I have a BSN. Started out making $28/hr on night shift plus critical care pay.
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    It doesn't take longer to be an oncology nurse than it does to be an RN. There is no "oncology nurse" school, there is only nursing school. If you are in high school, I would suggest going for your BSN which will take 4 years. When you graduate and pass the boards, you become a licensed RN and can apply for a job anywhere. (Whether or not oncology floors will hire a new grad is a different story and depends on a lot of things.) Oncology nurses don't typically make more than other nurses working in the same hospital. When I worked in the hospital, all new grads regardless of floor started out making the same. Salary depends a lot on hospital and area..
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    what types of things do u do working in oncology,is it rewarding