How do I get into Oncology?

  1. Im currently in Nursing School for my RN. Im also a CNA.
    Im very interested in Oncology, but im not sure how to get into it. Is there a special certification I need, and where do I get it. The college im at does not offer anything like that.
    Are there any courses I should take while in Nursing School?
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  3. by   campbe11
    I would recommend getting a NT job (if possible) in an oncology unit. Do your senior prac in one as well. Thats how I was offered both my jobs (both in an oncology setting)
  4. by   Daliadreamer
    I was just able to apply and was hired. In order to hang chemo, or take care of a patient that is actually having chemo infuse, you need your certification. On my unit, it is not a requirement to be certified. There has to be at least one RN who is certified per shift just in case chemo is ordered for a particular patient. There are always classes posted in order to get the certification though.