Folfax infusion

  1. Anyone ever give Folfax-Leucovorin and 5FU together?I need to set up a Y line but not sure how to do this, I have an idea but of course want to be sure.
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  3. by   mappers
    It's FolFox. We use two pumps. The Leucovorin is on a secondary and hung with D5W. The Oxaliplatin is on a primary and on a second pump. It is Y-sited into the hub closest to the patient. Both run together over 2 hours. Oxaliplatin should never touch NS, so make sure any fluids it touches are in D5. I've seen some of the worst infusion reactions ever with Oxaliplatin, so it is important that it is on it's own primary line so that it can be quickly stopped and you can flush with D5 if necessary.

    We do 5FU as a push after the Leucovorin and Oxal are finished, then the patient is hooked to a portable home infusion pump with the rest of the 5FU dose and sent home. If it is Folfox 4, they com back the next day for more Leucovorin and a bolus of 5FU. If it is Folfox 6 they HH company disconnects them in 46 hours.
  4. by   KColeman1764
    Thanks mappers typo with the Folfox that info was very helpful, I feel a lot more confident doing it now-that is basically what I saw being done just needed to be sure.