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Curious About a New Procedure

  1. 0 Has anyone seen this in action before. I am a nursing student and a nurse friend of mine who just started doing some PRN work at a local oncology hospital and she was telling me about it and I was fascinated by it. Its called Therapeutic Intraperitineal Hyperthermic Chemo Lavage.
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    never heard about it ... sorry
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    From an article I have ready- it is very new, in clinical trials, they are placing ports int the peritoneal cavity and the chemo is then infused to wash over the affected area. supposedly causes less side effects that systemic IV chemo.
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    It's actually not new but coming back into practice. At my hospital I have not seen it in clinical trials but I'm sure there are clinical trials available for it. I do inpatient so that may be the difference. It is somewhat time consuming so I'm not sure if they would do it in the infusion clinic.
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    I have only seen this done in the OR. We have one particular surgeon who likes using the technique for patients with carcinomatosis but it is not done very often.

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