WOSC Fall 2013 Hopeful - page 3

I'm waiting anxiously for June to get here! I'm wondering if there are any others on the site waiting as well. It seems so far away. If there are any current students that would be willing to share... Read More

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    I drive from Duncan though, so Altus is pretty far for me. At least we can get our clinicals where we live. I think that is great!

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    That is true ! I was happy about that one lol I think I had anatomy with u
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    I thought you looked familiar!
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    Did you have Mr. * for lecture and lab?
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    Oh of course I did lol
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    Well, some people had the Dr. for lecture. I am ready to get started with the program! I've scheduled my CPR class, and now I need to start on my immunizations. I didn't really understand the whole "book voucher" thing. If we have to read three chapters before classes begin, I'm thinking I need to get my books ASAP.
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    Are u doing CPR at votech?
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    I'm doing it at the hospital.
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    Oh ok is it 2 nights ?
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    It's just one three hour session.

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