When should I apply for my first LPN job? When should I apply for my first LPN job? | allnurses

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When should I apply for my first LPN job?

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    Im a LPN student, I finish in July. Wohoo!! I have about 2 years experience as a CNA -acute care. I know my options are limited as far as place of employment; however, I was thinking about applying to a rehab hospital or LTAC facility. (I'd rather not work in a nursing home.) My question is... When is the best time to start applying for a job? How much do LPNs make in rehab/LTAC hospitals in the OKC metro area? Are there any facilities I should stay away from? All advice is WELCOMED!!! Thanks!
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    Not sure about the OKC area since I'm in Tulsa, but when I started my first LPN job I applied the week before graduation. I was allowed to work as a graduate nurse while waiting to take boards. I applied and was hired at a place where I had done my clinicals. LTAC is a great way to get experience. If you do end up in a nursing home, as I did, try to work at one that has a skilled unit and work on it as much as you can. Hope that helps