When does Oklahoma post license

  1. 0 I took the NCLEX Saturday and found out about an hr ago that I passed! When will Oklahoma post my license on the bon site? I'm ready to start working will that alone allow me to work or do I have to wait for something in the mail?
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    I passed the NCLEX-RN on May 11th, 2010 and my license number was posted on the Oklahoma BON's website on May 13th. In other words, my nursing license number posted in two days.
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    I took the NCLEX on a Friday but it was the July 4th weekend so it didn't post until Tuesday as Monday was the holiday. Let us know your results. A lot of us called the BON the afternoon of our test to ask our license #. That worked for me as they gave me my RN license # so I knew I passed. Some people will not do that though.

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