What's the best place for a nursing student to get a tech job in the OKC Metro?

  1. I'm a nursing student looking to supplement my current education with a small, part-time nursing tech job. I've been through one semester of clinicals which caused me to realize that the students who were nurse techs or EMTs seemed more comfortable and knowledgeable. I would like to garner some hospital experience too. Does anyone have any insight into the different hospitals? Any advice or information is appreciated.
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  3. by   Petitharpy
    It depends where you'd like to work upon graduation. I worked in an ICU at Integris Baptist during nursing school & picked up shifts throughout the year as my school scheduled allowed. Then after I graduated I continued working there as an RN. You're not guaranteed a job but our ICU hires majority of our techs after they graduate. Integris posts all their job openings online so you could search for whatever area interests you. I noticed last week a few of the ICUs had tech openings. Good luck!