What is the average starting pay for an LPN in Ok?

  1. 0 Just wondering what kind of salary that I can expect upon graduation. Thanks for any input you can give me! I appreciate it.
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    I think around here it is about $11/hr but am not real sure.
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    At the hospital I worked at for 8 years it is around 11 dollars an hour, the crappy thing is though, I worked there 8 years and was only making $1.30 more an hour than a new grad. Doesn't seem very fair does it? Good luck to you.
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    i just graduated in march of this year i make $12.00 per hour so always look around.:roll
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    Well just got a new job at a minorer clinic and starting pay is 17.00/hr as an lpn and that is base pay, get a 10% shift diff on nights and 15% shift diff on w/e. Loving it now.
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    you got a job at 17.00 as a LPN i have been one 7 years acls, pd cert, telem cert. 7 years cardiac exper and only 13.35 i can't seem to find any facility that will pay more if it wasn't for the shift diff which increases my pay i couldn't live....

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